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These are Adobe .pdf Files. You can view, download and print these files, for FREE.


There is a wealth of knowledge in these documents, divided up into THREE sections below.

FIRST: Fundamentals of Cabbage Patch Kids

400+ pages, 5,000+ color photographs.  Everything Coleco 1983-1986 with a few extras thrown in for fun. This is NOT A PRICING GUIDE. It was completed in 2005 and self-published. Only 200 copies were ever printed. Jamie (Mullin) Osterbuhr is the author and publisher. NOW available for FREE! Click the link below.


SECOND: Marie Engelke - Long time Mass Market collector, Marie Engelke, has spent the better part of the last 3 years gathering and documenting all of the mass market CPK's and their "happenings" around the Cabbage Patch. Marie has contributed MUCH MUCH MORE and we are working to make it all available by Thanksgiving! Many various collectors have made contributions to this document, as noted on each page. Her sections include the following documents:


  • 20th Anniversary Kids

  • 1984-2019 Holiday

  • 1993-2018 Anniversary/Celebration

  • 2018 WCT Adoptimals

  • AA boys

  • AA boys & girls

  • Baby bottles 1983-2019

  • Baseball boys

  • Battery Operated

  • Boxed outfits & shoes

  • Braids Girls

  • Brown haired girls

  • Clothing Documented

  • Coleco AA Bald Boys

  • Coleco popcorn girls

  • Coleco White Bald Boys

  • Cornsilk Kids

  • CPK 40th Marie's Celebration

  • CPK Pets

  • CPK That came with an Extra Outfit

  • Foreign Bald Boys 

  • Foreign CPK

  • Friends Edition

  • Hairbrush and Combs

  • Hasbro Kissin Kids

  • Holiday Girls

  • Kids of all kinds

  • New and Different

  • Oddballs in the Cabbage Patch

  • Pacifiers 1983-2019 

  • Poodle ponies girls

  • Red haired girls 

  • Surprise Babies

  • Tan haired girls

  • The Boxes FIRST

  • The Boxes SECOND

  • The Boxes THIRD

  • Transitional poseable

  • Vinyl Kid

    THIRD: Various Advertising Catalogs from the 80's, including Coleco, Edisons, Hasbro, JC Penny. THESE FILES ARE downloadable ONLY.

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